Very Interesting Exposition on Science Journalism

“Miscommunication of science: music cognition research in the popular press” This article sums up a lot of what is wrong with online science journalism. The author also addresses the use of scientific findings in certain major publications. Here we have it from a Harvard psychologist: the press misinterprets scientific data. It seems as if this … More Very Interesting Exposition on Science Journalism

Great Lecture by Daniel Dennett

Often a polarizing figure of modern philosophy and cognitive science, Daniel Dennett’s clarity in this lecture helps get at exactly what his theory is. He may not have all of the conceptual details down, but in this video he lays down a very interesting framework for the progression of evolutionary and creative design.

Brains in a Vat: Did I Miss the Reference?

  In Brains in a Vat, Hilary Putnam puts forward his strange rebuttal of descriptivism, while touching on some issues of metaphysics and philosophy of mind which seem unrelated to reference but become quickly intertwined. Putnam uses several thought experiments to qualify his premises. He first claims that physical and mental representations have no necessary … More Brains in a Vat: Did I Miss the Reference?

“What Emotions Are (and Aren’t)”

Link from New York Times Very interesting cognitive scientific points in this article. The functional aspects of the author’s theory seem to have implications in philosophy of mind, and philosophy of language. The article explains that emotions are not distinctive brain-states, and they are also not distinctive body-states, but are each a set of many … More “What Emotions Are (and Aren’t)”

Tahsin’s Reading List: Neuroscience & NeuroEngineering

Originally posted on Emmanuel Tahsin:
? #BookRecommendation   Cognitive Neuroscience The New Cognitive Neurosciences: Second Edition edited by Michael S. Gazzaniga ? Computational Neuroscience Theoretical Neuroscience: Computational and Mathematical Modeling of Neural Systems by Peter Dayan, Laurence F. Abbott Neural Networks: A Comprehensive Foundation by Simon Haykin Neuroscience Best of the Brain from Scientific American: Mind, Matter,…

Descartes: Closeted Functionalist?

What modern day philosophy of mind would Descartes adopt if he came here to the present, and could see the new scientific data and philosophical work in the areas of the mind ­body problem and mental causation?In the Meditations and his correspondence with Princess Elizabeth, Descartes paints a very detailed picture of his strict brand of dualism. But … More Descartes: Closeted Functionalist?