Early Homo : Second Order Physicists, Second Order Teleologists

Presentation Link Homo Habilis is less a species distinction than a taxonomic misstep. Because of the very limited fossil record data from the time of homo habilis, we don’t really know if its one species of many.  Most of the work that talks about h habilis draws a closer comparison between habilis and the australopithecines … More Early Homo : Second Order Physicists, Second Order Teleologists

Natural Teleology:What’s The Goal?

Presentation Link What is Natural Teleology? Natural teleology is the ability to recognize that a fellow organism is a self propelled agent, and has goals. Not only does the natural teleologist assume that self propelled agents have goals, but they assume what those goals rationally correlated the agent’s observable behavior. Natural teleology takes place before … More Natural Teleology:What’s The Goal?

Innateness: Born With It?

Presentation Link Since ancient times philosophers have argued over what amount and type of knowledge we are born with. In the last century, experimental data has given us insight into what can be considered innate, as opposed to learned. Most of the more recent experiments have confirmed what rationalists have said for centuries. These philosophers … More Innateness: Born With It?